Top 5 Must-Have Cat Play Toys for Cat Owners news

Top 5 Must-Have Cat Play Toys for Cat Owners


Is your feline friend feeling frisky? Do those playful pounces and zoomies leave you wondering how to entertain your furry explorer? 

We’ve got you covered! Cats are playful creatures with diverse preferences, and the world of cat play toys can help you cater to different needs. Explore some of our favourite cat play toys that are guaranteed to send your kitty on a thrilling adventure, and satisfy their natural instincts!

Types of Cat Play Toys 

Interactive Toys 

Ever seen your cat stalk a dust bunny with laser focus, or swat a crumpled sock into oblivion? That's their inner hunter kicking in! Interactive cat play toys tap into this natural instinct, mimicking prey movement or offering challenging puzzles to keep their minds and bodies active.

These toys are a great way to strengthen your bond with your cat and provide essential stimulation for their well-being. Some types of interactive cat play toys include the famous laser pointers or wand attachment toys. 

Stationary Toys

While interactive toys require your active participation, stationary cat play toys offer your feline friend independent entertainment and cater to their natural instincts and needs. These toys provide a sense of security, encourage exploration, and fulfil essential behaviours like scratching even when you're not actively playing with them. Scratching posts, catnip mice, and cuddly plush toys are some examples of such cat play toy types.

Treat dispensing toys 

Treat-dispensing cat play toys are a fun and interactive way to combine playtime with reward. Think catnip-filled puzzle feeders that require some serious smarts to unlock the yummy treats inside or food-dispensing balls that reward batting and rolling with delicious morsels. They come in all shapes and sizes, catering to every skill level and play style, making them the purrfect way to keep your feline friend mentally stimulated and happily occupied while you get things done.

Our Top 5 Must-Have Cat Play Toys for Cat Owners

  1. Honeycare Cat Scratcher (Available in 3 designs) — $20.50

This purrfectly playful scratcher is designed to satisfy your feline friend’s natural urge to scratch, mimicking the feel of tree bark with premium scratching textures. Available in three adorable shapes (polar bear, elephant and crocodile), and various sizes, the Honeycare Cat Scratcher is the best addition to any cat owner’s arsenal of happy cat essentials!

Why This is a Must-Have Cat Play Toy:

  • Eco-friendly & Safe 
  • Premium scratching texture makes it paw-safe.
  • Saves your furniture and looks super cute.

Shop Now: Honeycare Cat Scratcher ($20.50)


2.Kong Cat Crinkle Ring — $10.00

The Kong Cat Crinkle Ring ignites your feline's inner hunter with its crinkly sound, catnip scent, and eco-friendly materials. This toy provides hours of safe, stimulating play, fulfilling natural instincts in a healthy way.

Why This is a Must-Have Cat Play Toy:

  • Appeals to your kitty’s hunting instincts. 
  • Made with sustainable materials and dyes. 
  • Safe and stimulating, providing hours of engagement. 

Shop Now: Kong Cat Crinkle Ring ($10.00)



3.LickiMat® Casper — $12.00

Ditch the bowl! LickiMat Casper entertains your cat with textured surfaces, slows feeding, and reduces stress by mimicking natural feeding behaviour. This dishwasher-safe mat is perfect for wet food, treats, or frozen delights. Best of all, it comes in a variety of colours for you to choose from!

Why This is a Must-Have Cat Play Toy:

  • Textured pockets to keep your cat entertained
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Slower feeding aids in healthier digestion

Shop Now: LickiMat® Casper™ — $12.00


4.Fuzzyard Cat Toy Candy Hearts — $14.60

Shower your cat with love (and maybe a few "meow"s) with the FuzzYard Candy Hearts Plush Cat Toy! This Australian-designed trio features catnip-filled hearts, crinkly sounds, and a super plush texture for batting and snuggling.

Why This is a Must-Have Cat Play Toy:

  • Triple the catnip fun.
  • Super plush texture makes it irresistibly cuddle for your kitty.
  • Crinkling sounds pique your cat’s curiosity.

Shop Now: Fuzzyard Cat Toy Candy Hearts — $14.60


5.Kong Cat Bat a Bout Flicker Disco — $15.00

This toy is sure to get your kitty movin’ and groovin’! Keep your cat entertained with its motion-activated lights, unpredictable movement, and large, easy-to-roll size that avoids getting stuck under furniture. It's playtime with a disco twist!

Why This is a Must-Have Cat Play Toy:

  • Engage hunting instincts with playful chasing and stalking. 
  • Easy-to-roll, large size that prevents the toy from getting stuck under furniture. 
  • Fun and interactive lights to keep your cats entertained!

Shop Now: Kong Cat Bat a Bout Flicker Disco — $15.00




There you have it, our top picks for affordable, engaging feline fun. Watch this space as we’re constantly updating and expanding our cat toy collection!

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